What you can expect of me

I believe therapy should be a collaborative effort between client and therapist. While I may share some evidenced-based ideas during our sessions, only you are the expert on what works for you. My sessions will generally follow a cognitive behavioral approach, meaning that we will examine, and possibly shift, your thoughts and perspectives on life situations as well as the behavioral expressions of these thoughts that are causing you enough distress to want to pursue change. Together we will form a plan of action that is the right fit for you at this point in time.

Interventions may include the use of:

What I will expect of you

While I will work with you to develop treatment goals and keep you on course to achieving those goals, I will expect you to be working even harder. I often suggest practice at home, readings, or other assignments so that we can make the most of our time in session. My most successful clients are curious and contemplative. They appreciate objective feedback and having a plan of action for change. These successful clients value our session time and having time in their lives for self-enrichment and growth. It is also important for my clients to understand that the therapeutic process takes time and is a collaborative effort -- that is, the therapist is not a magical healer who will "fix" everything.